in 2012 my book PUNK’S DEAD was released by DIVUS, the number one art-house publisher in the czech republic.

to accompany the book i was invited to make two t-shirt collaborations; one with REVOLUTION sendai; one with FRAGMENT DESIGN of tokyo.

at various times in the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's i worked with MALCOLM MCLARENVIVIENNE WESTWOOD, JAMIE REID and the SEX PISTOLS ,which meant i had truely served my apprenticeship in fashion, music and art. 

the promotional t-shirts i designed sold well and, in an exclusive collaboration with FRAGMENT JAPAN, more prints were produced. these new designs also sold out and, with the help of the founder of FRAGMENT, HIROSHI FUJIWARA, my label, which was then still called PUNK'S DEAD, started to expand. new garments were added; shirts; sweatshirts; handkerchiefs; hand knitted jumpers; jackets and trousers. organically, it had grown into a full clothing range.

i realised the label was now nothing to do with my book 'PUNK'S DEAD', so i changed the name to 'AKA SIX'.

in 2016 i sold the first AKA SIX clothes to 10 CORSO COMO in milan, when i exhibited at the GALLERIA CARLA SOZZANI with JAMIE REID, the artist and graphics designer for the SEX PISTOLS - as part of the 'punk in britain' exhibition. this show, with a new selection of AKA SIX clothes, would later transfer the following year to CORSO COMO SEOUL, south korea.  

2017, after a pop-up shop at THUNDERS in london, the AKA SIX label finally began to sell world-wide.

in berlin a special archive collection is now on sale at STARDAY + JONES and in 2018 an exclusive collection will be available from SELFRIDGES, both  online and in their flagship store on london's oxford street.

2018 also sees a 'limited edition' range for THUNDERS UK online.




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